Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Ikea GRÖNSAKSBULLAR Vegetable Balls

More stuff from my latest Ikea supermarket haul.
Ikea GRONSAKSBULLAR Vegetable Balls Package
Ikea GRÖNSAKSBULLAR Vegetable Balls, 1 kg: US$ 7.99 (CA$ 8.99)

Overview of Ikea GRÖNSAKSBULLAR Vegetable Balls

Unboxing and Cooking
There was a note on the back of my package of GRÖNSAKSBULLAR vegetable balls saying that it was already cooked. Jack. Pot.

Using the toaster oven seemed like too much work and time for something that was supposedly precooked so microwave it was.

I poured a few vegetable balls out of the package into a bowl and heated them in the microwave for what seemed like an appropriate amount of time to me. There were instructions on how long to cook it for but I know my microwave and what it actually does. Prior experience seemed like the better approach. To be slightly more specific, I thought they would take as much time as a small frozen pizza. The balls came out pretty hot all the way through and even had a pretty crispy skin formed.

No additional spices or sauces were added to the GRÖNSAKSBULLAR vegetable balls before tasting.
Ikea GRONSAKSBULLAR Vegetable Balls out of the bag
How was it?
Cutting my first vegetable ball in half, I saw that the interior was filled with bits of what looked like peas, carrots, and corn. There were probably other things inside but those were the ones that stood out. Biting into my first vegetable ball, what I tasted were mainly the peas and carrots. The crispy exterior skin added an interesting and welcome texture.

I thought the taste was very good. Nothing felt or tasted off-putting to me. In fact, they resembled regular meatballs but with more vegetables mixed in and a lighter taste -- according to the website, there were supposedly "no animal ingredients." The peas, carrots, and corn probably helped to lighten the flavor with their water content.
Inside Cooked Ikea GRONSAKSBULLAR Vegetable Balls
The second serving of GRÖNSAKSBULLAR vegetable balls I had the next day was just as agreeable as the first. What surprised me the most was how well they came out of the microwave. They would probably make for a pretty good filler to use with a grain, or as a side dish when in a hurry or even on a regular basis. The price seemed to be alright, not exactly very cheap or excessively expensive from my experience.

I was very impressed with the Ikea GRÖNSAKSBULLAR vegetable balls and would buy them again. The ease of preparation was the most attractive quality since I'm a very lazy cook.

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