Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Another item from the Ikea supermarket section from the last haul...
Ikea SÖTSAK DAMMSUGARE Pastry covered with almond paste: US$ 2.49  (CA$ 2.49)

Overview: Ikea SÖTSAK DAMMSUGARE Pastry Dessert

Unboxing and Cooking
Kept this one in the freezer and it defrosted itself pretty quickly -- didn't seem like it ever really froze. Otherwise, I opened the package and poured the contents of the package onto a plate. That was a hard one...
How was it?
Mini chocolate wine bottles? I don't know why but I couldn't stop thinking about those mini chocolate wine bottles when biting into the Ikea SÖTSAK DAMMSUGARE pastries. Tried those things a long time ago before I acquired a taste for alcohol and hated them. The bottles were broken open, the liquid filling was allowed to flow out, and the chocolate shells were salvaged. What a waste?

As far as I knew, the SÖTSAK DAMMSUGARE pastries didn't contain any alcohol -- the ingredients list was not checked but there was nothing in the main description. I saw a brown colored filling that looked like a ground up paste and a relatively thin, hard exterior shell. Regardless, it tasted like something was fermented in there to me. There also seemed to be a coffee-like taste, but it appeared to be sweet overall. The filling itself seemed to have a consistent, course texture to it. A lot of chewing was involved to get through a single piece. Cutting them into halves or quarters made them much easier to down.

Can't say that I loved them. They definitely weren't disgusting but I could only comfortably eat one piece per sitting. My mouth got tired after chewing the second one for a minute and the taste wasn't good enough for me to ignore this. Then I put in a third and that was too much.

Not bad but not great. I wouldn't say that I would never buy another package of SÖTSAK DAMMSUGARE pastries, but the next one is probably a couple months or more away. The price was pretty good reasonable at about CA$ 2.50 so it was worth it to try out.

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