Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review: Ikea DRYCK JULMUST Swedish Festive Drink

Went to Ikea for the sole purpose of raiding the supermarket area. Planned to pick more things up but my hands ran out of room and that pizza was really big. I may have grabbed this DRYCK JULMUST just because it was one of the cheapest and smallest items left that I could fit into my hands.
Ikea DRYCK JULMUST Swedish Festive Drink Bottle
Ikea DRYCK JULMUST Swedish Festive Drink, 500 ml: US$ 1.59 (CA$ 1.49)

Overview: Ikea DRYCK JULMUST Swedish Festive Drink

Unboxing and Cooking
I placed my hand on the bottle cap and turned. That was a hard one...

How was it?
The first thing I noticed was that it looked like Coke. I didn't see any major labels summarizing the taste and I did not read the ingredients list. My expectations were not high and it didn't seem like one could really go wrong with something that looked so much like Coca Cola.

The DRYCK JULMUST was served at room temperature which in late fall was probably around 20 C. I served it straight from the bottle into a glass cup and added nothing to it. Upon pouring, bubbles formed like regular soda, so it was probably carbonated. The first gulp that entered my mouth was not disgusting -- excellent news. A few more sips were required to figure out what it tasted like.
Ikea DRYCK JULMUST being poured
I would describe the DRYCK JULMUST drink as somewhat similar to rum and Coke -- minus a lot of the sugar, all the alcohol, and maybe after it's sat in the open for a while yet somehow managed to retain a lot of the carbonation. There appeared to be a noticeable after-taste that lasted for a few seconds after swallowing -- this taste seemed grainy and it reminded me of beer.

Overall, I thought it wasn't bad. If someone sent me a crate of it, I wouldn't complain and would probably finish it.

The DRYCK JULMUST wasn't bad in my view. I'm not sure I would buy it in place of Coke, but it would make a good once in a while thing to change things up slightly. The price was reasonable and comparable to a bottle of soda. I still don't know what makes it festive though...

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