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Review: Ikea GRUNDTAL Toilet Roll Stand

Are you human? Then you probably have a porthole for the intake of items from which you derive energy and nutrition to fuel the machine. Thanks to inefficiencies of the machine and conservation of mass though, there's probably an outlet. Without widespread use of bidets where I live, toilet paper is a necessity of life -- kind of, there are alternatives...
Ikea GRUNDTAL Toilet Roll Stand Package
x1 - Ikea GRUNDTAL Toilet Roll Stand: US$ 9.99 (CA$ 19.99)
Overview: Ikea GRUNDTAL Toilet Roll Stand

That was easier than I thought. I was initially concerned because I couldn't find the instructions for the GRUNDTAL toilet roll stand -- there was no paper pamphlet or brochure included inside my package. Looking at the box more closely revealed a diagram with instructions. They looked more complicated than what I ended up doing though. In my box, there were only two parts: the pole with a threaded hole and the base with a screw sticking out of it. All I ended up doing was screwing the pole into the base. Hope I didn't miss anything.

I haven't tested this extensively but the stand felt pretty stable despite looking fairly slender while being so tall with a small base. There haven't been any tipping accidents yet with toilet paper mounted to the GRUNDTAL toilet roll stand.
Assembled Ikea GRUNDTAL Stand

Expandability / Customizability
Buy more stuff from the GRUNDTAL line or things that look like stainless steel?

How was it?
When I looked at the product package's dimensions on the website, the one thing that caught my attention was the length: 56 cm long. Most of the box was probably made up of the pole so that meant the pole was probably around 50 cm long. That's a really long tube to attach a roll of toilet paper to?

I did some thinking and decided that a long pole probably wasn't that bad. If one could load a few rolls onto the GRUNDTAL stand, it'd lessen the frequency of running out of paper and of having to refill the stand. This turned out to be true. I put on three rolls to see how much it could hold. While I tried three, it looked like it could do four in total. Two looks like a better number.

Pulling on the top roll with one hand rotated the other two rolls below it. No big issue, just thought I'd mention it. Otherwise, the GRUNDTAL toilet roll stand has worked fine. It's on the tall side in terms of appearance but the functionality has been good.

The CA$ 20 price tag was on the steeper side -- US$ 9.99 seems more reasonable. However, it has done its fairly simple job of holding a roll of toilet paper in place while I unrolled squares from it. Assembly was simple for me and no major complications have shown up yet.

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