Monday, September 28, 2015

Dear Diary #8: TV, Braided Cables, Batteries

Dear Diary,

There was a Younger marathon on TV and I shamelessly watched the entire first season in one sitting.

Looks like I'm behind on my street terms for narcotics. Had to look one up they kept mentioning on TV.

Bought some braided USB cables! Because the dozen or so free PVC exterior jacketed cables I already had were not good enough anymore. So excited -- seriously. Can't believe how exciting braided cables were. Why can't all be cables be braided?

Over a decade of studying French, over five in school, and I just found out why I used "on" so much less than actual French speakers. It's like an informal "nous?"

Note to self: never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever remove or insert 9 volt batteries from a table. Very expensive meter flew out of my hands while trying to insert a 9 V battery into a snap-on connector. This one was really tight and took mashing the things together with my bones to get in.

My laptop's battery indicator is way off. Somehow, 50% charge remaining and one hour of projected battery turned into auto-shutdown and "Your battery is low."


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