Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Dear Diary #4: Subjunctive, Lips, Lifesavers

Dear Diary,

Being a night person is not cool when you're not a fan of insects. Fruit flies will not leave me alone. One even flew into my nostril.

Bit the inside of my lip three times today. Yay...

Bought a half-kilo of sugar in carton form for the same cost as a two kilo bag of sugar. Why? Because I didn't want to clean out my funnel.

First time eating Lifesavers, the original kind, in a long time. Since when were they so sticky? Or is the bowl just wet...

Had three tablespoons of sugar in my coffee. Want to hurl now.

Having trouble discerning between indicative and subjunctive statements when it comes to the use of "if I was" and "if I were."


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