Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Musings: Bricking a TV

Picture a large pane of glass with a large crack in the middle and a brick resting on the floor right beneath it. Broken shards of glass litter the floor. This pane of glass used to light up and make pictures. Now it just flips on and off intermittently. The glass and everything connected to it didn't fall over or get bumped into. Something happened to it and something happened before that happened to make it happen...

I am so glad that I am not rich.

If I were indeed rich, chances are that my basement would be used to store a large quantity of television sets, both broken and new. Instead of subscribing to groceries to be shipped on a regular basis, new television sets would be delivered every few months. Why? Because I would probably need to constantly replace broken television sets because they had a brick thrown at them.
Not Happily Watching Television?
What's the big deal? What isn't the big deal!

Things on TV can get very upsetting or surprising. There have been numerous instances where I've wanted to chuck something in the direction of the television set. It's happened when a character has died, a bad guy got away because of something I thought was unbelievably stupid, or a plain "what the eff was that" moment occurred. Or do I just have an anger management issue -- should look into this possibility.

Every time I get that urge, there's a moment where I remind myself that I don't want to deal with cleaning up the broken glass. That and having to pay for a new TV, disposing of the set, explaining what happened to others, and not having anything to watch while waiting for my new set to arrive.

The more productive, in a way, coping strategy has really been to just type my feelings into the search bar of a search engine. Somewhere embedded in a billion lines of code is my rage about what happened to some guy or gal on some television show.

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