Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sitting at a the Computer

If there's an armrest, gotta use it or it may as well go in the trash, right?
Side and Rear View of my Sitting Positions
Sitting at the Computer
So, I noticed a long time ago that I was sitting in a particular fashion at home that would probably lead to major issues down the road -- the type of issues that might be really hard to come back from unless medical science gets really good or I start to enjoy visiting doctors a lot.

Once I started paying attention to what I was doing at home, it occurred to me that it was happening at work a lot too. Both of my chairs at home and at work had padded armrests that made it really comfortable to lean on. Only the left side was used, of course, because the right arm had to be free to move the mouse. And at home, the television was placed to a certain side that made it helpful to angle my entire body towards.

I could probably do something about it like rearrange some furniture or consciously stop doing it... but why not just show off my awesome Paint skills instead? Good thing I spend all that time drawing stuff in CAD.

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