Monday, July 27, 2015

Infrared: Battery Chargers and Garbage Bags

Random Infrared Photo
Battery Chargers
I've been making a move from alkaline batteries to NiMH lately, and this was part of the result. In summary, a pack of AA batteries and another AAA pack were picked up, along with a charger. The last time I charged the few batteries I had was well before I got my hands on an infrared camera. New camera, new batteries, new charger, running out of things to film in infrared? It just all came together.

And I also blew about $50 on a lithium-ion charger for a new camera I picked up a while ago. This camera didn't come with an external charger, it only came with a USB adapter that I barely used. Being able to charge the battery outside of the camera just felt more comfortable, which is funny because I used to prefer a USB cable over having to remove the battery with my other cameras. Again, camera plus new charger, why not?

Sony BCTRW Battery Charger
Panasonic BQ-CC17 Battery Charger

Garbage Bags and Night Vision
The garbage bag part was done before, but the footage wasn't that great with my older camera due to the really poor lighting. I did it again with a full-frame and I think things came out a bit better -- would have been cheaper to replace the light bulbs or to buy a lamp. Anyway, it involves black, seemingly opaque, garbage bags. There was a second part where I wanted to see how many layers of bags would still allow the camera to pick something up behind them. It just didn't work out and I scrapped it.

Night vision part was extremely simple to film: just turn off the lights. Only thing visible, unless one jacks up the brightness and gamma probably, in most of the footage should be the LCD screen on the infrared camera.

Night Vision
See Thru Material in Infrared?

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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