Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Work Face

A look into my faces of work.
My Faces at Work
Show Me Your Work Face...
Who would have guessed that one could feel so many emotions sitting in a walled off cubicle in a large climate-controlled office?

I certainly didn't think so.

Most of my previous jobs were in air conditioned, modern, well-equipped offices with amenities nearby. The majority of my days were spent in front of computers, nearby printers and photocopiers, and okay coworkers. Modern, comfortable, what could go wrong?

Given the amount of time I spent at work in a single week, it was bound to happen. Actually, "it" didn't even need to happen there. At least eight hours a day, which was around 50% of my conscious hours on weekdays, were spent there. Even if things didn't happen at work, chances were that they would be processed in my mind while on company property.

That's not to say things didn't happen at work to make my face contort into various shapes. Oh, there were plenty of things that did that. A lot of them had to do with computers, networks, servers, printers, plotters, and photocopiers. At the jobs where I spent too much time and went past my best before date, seemingly minor issues ate away slowly but surely. And I want to thank the person who invented cubicle walls, rotating chairs, and windowless board rooms for helping me hide those faces.

I know this sounds like all the feelings were filled with rage, but good times were had. There were some great memories and times when I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for hours. Wow, those were a long time ago.

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