Monday, July 20, 2015

Musings: Why didn't humans domesticate bears?

We can't blame anyone now. It's just too late and we probably will never do it now. Regardless, I can't believe that humans never domesticated bears.

There are probably hundreds of scientific reasons that has never been done. Maybe because bears can get to over a ton in weight, maybe because they can be vicious, maybe they have the strength of a dozen people, and maybe there's no room for error. Who knows?

I just find it unfortunate that we, as humans, didn't domesticate bears like we did dogs a couple dozen thousand years ago. This happens every single time I see a bear return a wave by humans in a GIF -- those humans safely separated by some sort of impregnable barrier like a fence or a steel cage that can skip town in 5.6 seconds.

You know what, I am going to blame someone. That someone didn't sit down by a fire while worrying about his next meal 20,000 or so years ago and decide to domesticate a bear. I'm going to name him Jim. It's Jim's fault that I am not riding a bear to work tomorrow. On the other hand, maybe a few Jims did try and their experiments didn't work out.

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