Sunday, July 26, 2015

Marathon Television and My Brain

Binge watching, marathon television, whatever. Spending a lot of time in front of a television.
What I had in mind?
My Constant Companion
People, namely concerned adults, told me as a kid that television was bad for me. Letting my imagination run wild, the idea that it would fry my brain crossed my mind a few times -- or did they tell me that? It never seemed to happen to me because I ended up mixing television with everything else I did: homework, work-work, reading, Gameboy, internet surfing, and just about anything I could manage to do in front of a TV.

How'd that work out with the other screen though. Ya know, that computer thing?

Bad Computer. Bad.
If anything rotted my brain, it was probably the computer screen, mainly when I was playing computer games. Things didn't feel quite right after I approached the ten hour mark. Meals were had, bathroom breaks were taken, but I can still remember days where I had dinner at 11:00 pm and wondered what happened in the past dozen-ish hours. Oh, and I felt really numb all over.

Wow, I wasted my youth.

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