Sunday, July 26, 2015

IR: CFL, In the Kitchen, Microwaving Things

CFL Light Bulb
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
Last time, I thought I'd shoot a video of a CFL warming up, it didn't turn out as I expected because it was one of those bulbs with a round bulb over it. This time, we have a compact fluorescent bulb in the spiral, twisty form. The footage from the spiral bulb is a lot more interesting.

Two versions were made: one with the bulb just turning on from at least a couple hours of rest, and a second one of the same bulb already having been on for a while. The second one was different in that the temperature range was moved up to show different details in the bulb. Unless the video editor or recording program did something on its own, everything should be in real-time.

I think this was a 60 W incandescent equivalent light bulb, which was probably around 13 W. And it should have been fairly new. The last video was of a couple year old, very well used bulb with a lower wattage.

Unfortunately, the lamp was positioned in a pretty bad location that made shooting it at a better angle difficult. Could have taken off the lamp shade, but that would have required a lot more work and time. Funny thing was that my newer, sturdier tripod was too big to use in that position. Had to resort to the smaller, cheaper one that I've been avoiding. Regardless, things still appeared to come out on the okay side though. Much more exciting than the last CFL video though. I was actually surprised at how quickly the image changed compared to the last one, as well as the LED light bulbs filmed a long while back.

Alternate Version Here

Microwaved Slice of Bread
Microwaving Water
The camera was set up in the kitchen already, so it didn't make sense not to do more things in the kitchen. Two videos were shot of things going into the microwave for relatively short periods of time. If I remember right, a slice of bread went into the microwave for about 10 seconds and then about 20 seconds. The same thing happened with water. Those times may be off -- told myself to write them down but that didn't happen, obviously. Regardless, it was planned for the items to go into the microwave for a little bit of time and then a little more time.

Microwaved Plate of Water
Microwaving Slice of Bread
If you're wondering, the water was tap water and the bread was whole wheat. Things came out sort of okay. Messing with the temperature range for the bread video made things look a lot more interesting. A video was previously done showing bread going into a toaster oven and something else being microwaved. Those were boring compared to these ones?
Playing with Tap Water
Playing in the Kitchen Sink
One of the first things done with a brand new infrared camera was to film water in the kitchen sink. There's a collection of those videos buried in the archives somewhere. The decision was made to go back into the sink at a better angle with a better tripod. Last time, I didn't trust my tripod enough to extend the legs and hold up an infrared camera, so footage at a not so great angle was taken. Things changed?

This time around, cold and hot water were used in the kitchen sink. The bottom of the sink was actually pretty visible this time around. There were concerns about splashing water while filming. Everything should still be working though. A lot more footage was taken, but things were shortened to aim for the magical 30 second length. The sink was stainless steel. Its reflectiveness made things come out a bit worse than they could have.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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