Monday, July 20, 2015

Cell Phone in Toilet = Flush It

Money Down the Drain
What would I do if my mobile phone fell into the toilet?
This, apparently, happens more often than I think. People do drop their phones into toilets every now and usually end up with a couple hundred dollar paperweight.

On the other hand, I really should be surprised at all. If the toilets at work were any indication, a lot of people took phone breaks in the toilet. I could tell by all the clicking and clacking of keys coming from the other stalls -- lot of Blackberry users then. Some people would even take calls at full volume and proceed to carry out an entire conversation with no worries about other occupants listening in. The conversations didn't bug me, they actually provided some much needed entertainment or distraction from staring at the walls.

If you can't tell by now, taking a phone into the washroom or toilet isn't really my thing. It has nothing to do with sanitary issues because I think that I could keep it relatively clean by strategically allocating hands and pockets. I'm just not a big phone person and I'm too cheap to get a smart phone so it'd be pretty boring just texting people with my pants down. Therefore, this particular conundrum has never happened to me before. As they say, stuff does happen though, so having the phone slip from a hand or pocket and ending up in the toilet bowl can obviously happen -- I've dropped my phone enough times to know.

What would I do if it were to ever occur to me?

Leave it in the toilet, flush, and walk away. I'd just write it off. If the water didn't destroy the electronics in the phone, I'd probably destroy it trying to make it clean again with water and disinfectant... It'd probably end up in a fire if the phone were indestructible.

And that is why I will probably never own a phone that costs more than $100.

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