Friday, January 16, 2015

Stouffer's Veal Parmigiana Review

Even more frozen food from Stouffer's. Yummm.

Box of Stouffer's Veal Parmigiana
Inside the orange box was a plastic tray covered by a sheet of plastic. There was only one compartment with pasta (spaghetti type strings) and a cut of meat mixed together. Everything, including the veal, was covered in tomato sauce. The veal was breaded and had some cheese on top.

Plastic Tray of Veal Parmigiana

I pulled the plastic wrap off the top of the tray and put everything into a dish. The food was a frozen block right out of the freezer so this was pretty easily done. On the downside, the cheese was on the bottom. Everything fit onto a single plate. This dish was then put into a microwave and cooked before serving with no additional spices or flavoring added.

Cooked Veal Parmigiana
Taste & Verdict
The homemade spaghetti I usually have has a lot of meat and uses a pretty sweet tomato sauce. This was not it. From what I could tell, the spaghetti noodles were on their own aside from the tomato sauce (i.e. no additional spices or flavoring was noted). The veal was very well flavored even without the tomato sauce and cheese. However, being soaked in sauce caused the breaded exterior of the veal to be soggy, which I didn't mind at all.

So, how was the sauce? It was pretty neutral with mostly a tomato taste that came through. It wasn't watery and appeared to be a paste. I thought it was a good base sauce to help complement everything else while not drawing too much attention to itself. The noodles were similar in that it didn't taste like it was meant to stand on its own. Both the tomato sauce and noodles would have made me happy without the veal. However, everything came together well as a meal.

Close-up of Veal Parmigiana
I found myself splitting the meat into pieces and eating it with the noodles and sauce in a single bite, as opposed to treating the noodles and meat separately. The veal was pretty soft, I was able to cut it with just a fork without much trouble, and I didn't feel any inconsistencies in the meat (e.g. bits of bone).

Pretty good meal. Would  buy again, enjoyed it a lot. It was moderately filling and, once again, I treated it as a main course while having other things on the side.

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