Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ritz Cheese & Breadsticks Review

A last minute grab right before leaving. The price seemed right? May have gotten the name wrong because I threw out the pack with the name on it...
Ritz Cheese Sticks
A package of three packs of Ritz cheese and breadsticks. Included in each pack were eight breadsticks and a small amount of liquid-ish cheese. The amount looked to be about 10 ml? Completely ballpark estimate. The package of three did not have perforated edges between the individual packs. Scissors were used to separate them. In the past, I've seen similar products with flat crackers and a plastic stick to use for spreading. This one didn't have a stick -- I'm guessing because the bread consisted of sticks.
Removed from the Package
Nope. Nice and complete. Didn't even store the product in a fridge -- found it on a non-refrigerated shelf at the store.
Close-up of Cheese and Breadsticks

Taste & Verdict
I took everything out of the plastic trays for display purposes only. Eating out of the tray is usually what I do. Moving on, the breadsticks were crispy and broke apart easily with a light bite. I thought they had a fairly neutral taste with a hint of sweetness after chewing. If I had them on their own without the cheese, I would have been pretty satisfied.

The cheese was a liquid but very viscous. As you can see in the photos, they kept their shape pretty well even after scooped out of the container. What the cheese tasted like were individually wrapped cheese slices that I've used with sandwiches (e.g. Kraft Singles). They didn't remind me much of cheddar cheese bought in blocks. Regardless, I enjoyed it with the breadsticks. Didn't dip them since everything was on a plate. A mashing or spreading action was the approach that I used. Not sure if I would have liked eating a spoonful of the stuff on its own. Think I can do that with Chees Whiz?

Pretty good product, overall. The portion size of a single pack was on the smaller side. However, I think these were targeted towards kids? All three packs together would probably have been a sufficient amount for my liking. They were around $2 or less, which wasn't bad.

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