Monday, January 05, 2015

Bounty Chocolate Bar Review

Candy haul from a Wal-mart run. Wow, they do have good prices.
A Package of Four Bounty Bars
Overview / Contents
Chocolate with a coconut bit filling, or a coconut filling with a coating of chocolate -- guess "bounty" is related to the tropical, pirate theme? I bought a package of four bars. Each bar was separated into two bars per package. It was just a plastic wrapper covering them. There was no cardboard support like I have found in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Individual Bounty Bars
I guess I could have cooked them in the microwave or thrown them in a pot to melt the chocolate?

Taste & Verdict
If I had eaten Bounty bars before this, I can't remember. The only reason I bought them among a sea of other discounted candy was because I had never eaten one before, so let's go with that one to keep the dream alive. No reading of the label was done. Why I bought Bounty bars: it had an acceptable name, a reasonable size, I like rum, and the packaging looked interesting -- I hate "tropical fruit" flavored candy though.

Inside a Bounty Bar Package
The first bar I ate had previously been cut in half to reveal the center filling, which stayed pretty intact. I found nothing off-putting about the smell or the look of what was inside the bisected bar. Ahead, I went with half a bar in a single bite and it was okay. The first thing I noticed was its coconut taste. Upon closer inspection of the second half, the filling appeared to be a uniform collection of white, coconut bits that I have found in other desserts or foods.

I thought that the chocolate took a backseat to the filling, which made sense given the relative amount of each. As a whole, the bar tasted a bit on the sweeter side. My initial thinking was that it was the chocolate that was the culprit, but chances are it was the combined taste. That's not to say that I found it off-putting.

Bounty Bar Cut in Half

What I remembered most about the Bounty bar was the chewiness. Half a bar provided a lot of chew. It probably took about a minute to get through each half of a bar. To be honest, the chewiness and texture of the coconut bits were my favorite parts.

Would I buy another Bounty bar? Yes. However, if I had to choose between a bunch of my other favorites, this one would probably be at the bottom of my list (e.g. Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Crunch).

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