Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Hershey's Cookies'n'Cream Drops Review

Changing it up a bit with white chocolate.

Hershey's Cookies'n'Cream Drops
Overview / Contents
Small circular white chocolates with bits of crackers. The individual chocolates were about a centimeter in diameter and half that amount in height. These were similar to the full-sized bar version of the chocolate. They were not individually wrapped.

Soften them and mush them back together into a bar?

Cookies'n'Cream Unloaded Onto a Plate
Taste & Verdict
Just like the full-sized Cookies'n'Cream but in smaller, bite-sized form. If you're not familiar with the full-sized version, the ones I had previously were white chocolate with bits of, I think, Oreo crackers throughout. Note that it was probably just the dark cracker portion of the Oreo, not the cream filling -- as far as I could tell.

Inside a Drop of Cookies'n'Cream
The bits of crackers were crispy with a rough texture. They felt and tasted like Oreo crackers I had in the past. Usually, with the full-sized version of the bar, I found the chocolate to be leaning on the overly sweet side. However, these smaller, bite-sized versions seemed to be sized just right in that right when they were about to taste too sweet, I ran out of chocolate to chew on or already swallowed it. Eating these felt like eating the regular version broken up into smaller bits. Being able to pour them out of a bag and not deal with a paper and foil wrapper was an extra perk.

Very impressed, overall. If I had to choose between the Cookies'n'Cream chocolate bar and these mini bits, I would choose these bits. A good tasting chocolate bar that actually managed to taste better in bit-sized form.

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