Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nissin XO Sauce Seafood Flavour Noodles Review

And even more noodles in dry form from Nissin Foods.

Overview/ Contents
Noodles in dried out form provided in a plastic package along with sealed packets of items to create the soup. This pack was different from the others I had reviewed previously in that it contained three packets for the soup. Two were the standard powdered soup base and oil, the third was a special sauce.
Nissin XO Sauce Seafood Flavour Noodles Package
Again, cooked this one using my usual method based on experience rather than using the instructions provided on the back of the package. I went the stainless steel pot and electric stove route to first cook the noodles and then to make the soup before serving everything in a bowl. No additional flavoring or other foods were added. The only ingredient I used that wasn't provided in the package was cold tap water.

Contents of the Package: Three Packets and Noodles
Taste & Verdict
The base noodles, to me, were similar to the ones provided in the beef and spicy flavor noodle packages from Nissin that I previously reviewed. I thought they had a good texture and were a good compliment to the sauce. Why? Because they didn't have a particularly strong flavor that overshadowed or distracted from the soup.
Soup Packets Emptied into Pot Before Mixing
So, how was the thing that mattered: the soup?

Compared to the beef and spicy flavors: very different. Unlike those two that seemed to be variations on saltiness, this one was sweet and the taste was slightly layered. This wasn't my first time eating this pack. In the past, I had noticed this difference in flavoring and felt that it was more of a once every so often type of meal. The reason was that it wasn't "neutral" enough to be had on an almost daily basis. Do I want to compare it to eggnog?

Soup Cooking in Pot
Color was different too with this soup taking on a significantly lighter color than the beef and spicy flavors. Until I added the XO sauce to the pot, the soup actually appeared a creamy white color. The addition of the darker sauce didn't make the entire mixture that dark in color, just a more brown. Speaking of the soup, again, I poured out most of what was left down the drain because of concerns about sodium. It tasted a bit too unique for me to drink straight up.
Cooked and Served
As a complete package, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. It provided a nice change to the spicy and beef flavors I usually had. However, as mentioned before, the flavor felt best left as a once in a while thing for me. There was something about it that I could see myself getting tired of if I had it too often. As of when I wrote this, the flavor was still in good standing with me. And as usual, the noodles were not the most filling and I did have to compliment them with something. Pretty good for less than CAD$ 1.

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