Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hungry-Man Fried Chicken Review

Back to the blue-box. Chicken's on the menu again.
Package of Hungry-Man Fried Chicken
Overview/ Contents
Another typical box with a plastic tray divided into four compartments: three sides and one main. The sides included were mashed potatoes, a brownie, and corn. For the main course, three pieces of fried chicken were provided with no sauce.
Plastic Tray of Food

Everything was cooked in plates and not in the provided plastic tray. This is just what I prefer to do. Anyway, I managed to unload all the chicken and two of the sides into the same plate. A bowl was necessary to hold the brownie -- this item wasn't frozen solid when I unpackaged everything. The bowl and plate were cooked separately in a microwave.

Cooked Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn
Taste & Verdict
Hadn't had this package in a while. Starting with the sides, the mashed potatoes and the corn were pretty much what I expected from the brand. I added a pinch of salt to both. They probably could have stood on their own. I found the mashed potatoes to be pleasant and smooth, there were no solid or hard bits in the portion. There didn't seem to be any major flavoring added to the original potatoes. I usually see a bit of butter on top of the potatoes, but I forget if it was there this time -- maybe the salt I added masked the taste. The corn tasted, underneath the salt, a bit sweet and it was moist. For emphasis, only corn was included, not the mixed vegetables or peas that I don't care for as much. As for the dessert, I enjoyed the brownie. It was sweet, without being overly so, and came out soft and airy.
Cooked Brownie
Moving on to the thing that matters the most: the fried chicken. There were a total of three pieces and all of them came out moist with a bit of crisp on the exterior. Taste-wise, the flavors I noticed most were salt, chicken, and cooking oil. The exterior, expectedly, had a bit more flavor than the interior. Inside, the chicken was pretty uniform, white colored meat. I was able to cut into the fried chicken with just a fork without much trouble. One thing I noticed was that the shell or batter didn't appear to be very thick. However, some of the breadcrumbs may have just fallen off during transport -- there was a small mound of breadcrumb bits in the main course divider of the plastic tray.
Close Look at Fried Chicken
A pleasant package of food overall. I would definitely buy it again. Nothing really stood out, but there was nothing off-putting to me either. Some days call for bland? In terms of how filling it was, I found it adequate as a main course with an additional side or two.

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