Thursday, October 09, 2014

Ikea POKAL Glass Review

These were cheap, looked nice, and I wanted some glasses. Maybe it was a bit of an impulse buy.
Ikea GODIS Glass beside a POKAL Glass
6-pack, POKAL Glass, clear glass: US$ 2.99 (CAD$ 4.99)

Didn't think anyone would be interested in seeing glasses being taken out of a box.

Ikea GODIS Glass inside a POKAL Glass

I unboxed them and washed them. Does that count?

They stayed in place when I put them down. And they sort of stacked but not straightly.

Expandability / Customizability
Buy more glasses to make a bigger set?

Ikea POKAL Glass

Everyday Use
I used these mainly for alcohol serving purposes so no hot liquids -- think they were never used with hot liquids, actually. They worked great, felt good in my hand, didn't feel too heavy, and looked nice. After a few years of using them, the main complaint I had was with the volume. They were good for hard liquor since not too much of that was served, usually, at once. However, once I started mixing, they were clearly too small. I could almost shoot the entire contents of the glass. Over time, it became "necessary" to use two glasses at once to avoid having to repeatedly pour. This never should have been a surprise considering their minute size and their 5 oz. rated volume.

Only one glass had broken at the time of writing. It was dropped in the sink. Being glass, this was totally expected. They were only ever washed by hand and saw pretty light usage over the years.

They did what they were designed for: holding liquids. For what I used them for, they were on the small side though. I ended up replacing them with slightly bigger glasses.

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