Thursday, October 09, 2014

Ikea GODIS Glass Review

If you care enough, you can see my 5 oz. POKAL glass review to see what was bugging me. In short, I got tired of having to use two POKAL glasses at once so decided to get a slightly bigger one. Not too big, not too small. Seriously, I spent more time than I care to admit in the glassware section because I found most of other options to be too big.
Ikea GODIS Glasses Package
6-pack, GODIS Glass, clear glass: US$ 4.79 (CAD$ 4.99)

Wouldn't be very interesting.

Ikea GODIS Glasses Stacked
They came in a cardboard box with flaps that lifted, making the glasses very easy to unbox. No tape that I could find on the package. And I washed them good...

They stayed still when set down and stacked better than the POKAL glasses I had.

Expandability / Customizability
Buy more glasses to make a bigger set?

Ikea GODIS Glasses
Everyday Use
These were used mainly for alcohol related purposes. No hot drinks were ever added to these, and they were washed solely by hand. They weren't used for very long before I wrote this review, so we'll see how durable they'll be. Anyway, these GODIS glasses held cool liquids and held them good. I found them to be pretty plain, in a good way, looking glasses. Weight felt good. Volume at a rated 8 oz. was significantly better and I felt that they held an "adequate" amount of drink while being a compact size.

Update: Blah. There went the first glass. I had them stacked three-high in the cabinet and wanted to pull one out to use. Going for the bottom one turned out to be a terrible idea because I managed to break the lowest one just by trying to pick the upper two out. When I pulled the upper two, the lowest one sent a small glass chip at my face and hit me under the nose. No injuries, it was really small, but the bottom glass was cracked along with a missing chip at the rim. Problem was, I believe, that the glasses were stacked too tightly together and got slightly stuck, even the one at the top. I didn't think that I pulled it very hard. Obviously, it was hard enough to break though. Got the rest of them out very carefully without issue afterward. They were not stacked again after that. And I went looking to buy another stainless steel mug.

They looked good, felt good, and did their relatively simple job fine. Not bad for around $5. Loved the easy to use packaging too.

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