Tuesday, September 16, 2014

IR: Back of the Hand

Back of the Hand
Back of Hand and Nails

Top of the hand or back of the hand? I thought it was the top because my palms are usually facing down when they're at rest or doing stuff. But I remember the expression involving something and the back of one's hand -- what this has to do with anything, I don't know. Think I saw it on TV a bunch of times and it looked like the side with the nails was being used to threaten someone with the "expression".

Regardless, this is the side of the hand with the nails on it or the one without the palm. It doesn't look as exciting as the infrared videos made with the other side of the hand though. There wasn't much insulation on this particular hand in the form of hair. No nail polish or treatments done to the nail, no recent manicures either.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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