Monday, June 09, 2014

Musings... Hello Summer, Goodbye TV

Summer has arrived. The air is warm, my skin is getting tanned, snow has turned to rain, and my evenings have opened right up. It's the television summer season.

These used to be the times when I would stumble across older shows in syndication and watch reruns religiously on a daily or weekly basis. Before long, summer was over and sweet prime-time television had returned. Not much has changed except for a larger quantity of shows having their runs through the summer. Can't say that their quantity is sufficient, and most of them don't match my tastes. I am grateful for the internet to pass these dark times until September when my schedule fills up again with must see TV.

Wasting summers
In the meantime, much appreciation is due for the late night programs, the news, and 24/7 news channels. I did not have a very busy childhood with free time crammed full of productive activities. The majority of my summer days and evenings, when school was out, were spent in front of the TV. Yes, the news and variety programs kept me sane. Dark times indeed because these were times when the family computer had to be shared between too many individuals. And for some reason, we didn't really have up to date video game consoles at all times -- that's what the computer I couldn't always get on was for? We were obviously not big fans of the great outdoors either.

It's amazing how some things don't really change over the years. Summer is here, nothings really happening, and TV is a bit slow. Having said all that, I have absolutely no regrets about how my summers were spent in my youth -- okay, maybe a little bit.

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