Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Musings... The Promise

Looking back on my life, it's scary to think of all the promises that I made to myself to never be someone or do something. I really hope they never invent a time machine because if I get to go back, my younger self would have more than a few words for me -- or is it the other way around?

The not so important
These are random things. Most of them were probably about being cool, but some of them, I hate to think, were probably out of necessity. The simple and dumb ones would be things like swearing to never wear glasses out in public, never wear jeans, never buy an Apple product, never eat sushi, etc. Nothing to really write home about since many people make the similar promises in their lifetimes, especially when young.

The ones that matter
Then there are the important things. These are the promises that actually matter and impact your life. Maybe they're career related or affect relationships. One big one for me was to never work in two particular areas in my field of study. The classes bored me when I was still in school studying them. No, they absolutely irritated me by the nature of their work and the skills they required. It turned out that the majority of the jobs were in these two particular areas. What's an unemployed graduate to who finished school in the middle of a major economic event to do?

To say that these jobs brought me down is an understatement. Years later, I've quit one job and am -- have been -- on the verge of quitting the other. If it weren't for my body's annoying desire to be fed, clothed, and sheltered, I'd have been out the door sooner. It's amazing what one does out of "necessity".

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