Thursday, May 08, 2014

RF Meter Fun: Cell phone, wireless modem, cordless phone

I mainly bought an RF meter to test out the wireless function on my router to answer a lingering question. For about CAD$ 200 though, it was impossible not to try to justify spending that amount of money for a single application -- not that it wasn't remotely fun.

It turns out that there are a lot of devices in the home that use radio waves. The most obvious ones are WiFi routers, WiFi devices, cell phones, and cordless phones. On the slightly more advanced side, there are microwave ovens and smart meters. And if you're really lucky, there may be a cell phone tower or two attached to your building.

Once I get around to it, I'll try to see how the RF meter reacts around them. In no way should the readings from the meter be considered accurate as it has not been independently checked for accuracy. And more importantly, the operator is not trained and not knowledgeable concerning radio frequency related matters.

Regardless, here is batch one:

1. Wireless Modem with WiFi Enabled

2. Cellular Phone Making a Call and Texting

3. Cordless Phone Base Station

4. Basic Kindle E-reader

Reminder: Accuracy Not Guaranteed

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