Sunday, May 11, 2014

More RF Meter: Cell Towers, Smart Meter, Laptop

More radio frequency (RF) meter related videos. These are a bit more industrial or appliance related. We have a microwave, a laptop with WiFi, and an electric power smart meter.

In no way should the readings from the RF meter be considered accurate as it has not been independently checked for accuracy. And more importantly, the operator is not trained and not knowledgeable concerning radio frequency related matters.
Best food in the world...
This one takes the cake. I have no idea how accurate the readings on the meter are, but just comparing everything relatively, this device set the record for highest reading taken so far. It may have even topped out the meter.

Some people I know are very concerned about being close to microwave ovens when they're on. I went through a number of phases where I believed them and shared in the concern, then I heard that the ovens were designed to block everything, and most recently, I read that they could be leaky.

Looking at the video, I can't confirm that this particular microwave is leaky but something is making that meter react. The RF meter seems to especially like the seams around the door -- I like "well done" human hand. Most interestingly, it appears that the readings drop significantly when moving away from the microwave oven.

Note to self: don't hug the microwave.

Smart Meter
These things are pretty popular. The video shows a RF meter a few feet away from a smart meter. What isn't shown is that there's another meter attached to the adjacent building a few feet behind the camera. Not much to see except the peaks near the end. Can't be sure which smart meter, the one in front or behind, they're coming from.

Laptop Computer with WiFi
I've always wondered if flipping the antenna switch for WiFi and Bluetooth on my laptop off actually turned the antennas off. This video shows the wireless switch being turned on from off doing nothing and browsing the internet. Looks like I got some sort of answer.

Reminder: Accuracy not guaranteed.

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