Saturday, April 05, 2014

Ikea SILL SENAP Herring Review

Most of the items I've picked up so far have been somewhat regular foods with the Ikea logo. This time it's different.

Ikea SILL SENAP Marinated herring with mustard sauce:  US$ 2.99 (CAD$ 2.49)

This was "HERRING MUSTARD" according to Google Translator, when I checked, minus accents. I found this in the refrigerated section with the other jars of herring available from Ikea. There were three types available with dill, mustard, or onions and carrots. Feeling adventurous, I went with the most unique of the bunch, the mustard variety. Labeling on the jar noted that it contained 250g with every three pieces amounting to 135 calories.

There was a piece of tape stuck on the side and lid of the jar. A security seal was not otherwise found on either the inside or the outside of the cap. Upon opening, I was met with a fairly viscous liquid with pieces of meat inside of it. The meat was about the size of a teaspoon, which was useful in getting it out of the container.

SILL SENAP in a jar
Taste and Texture
Canned foods aren't really my thing. What I usually do is mix it directly with a grain such as rice or bread. This time, I went with flat bread. It was served straight out of the jar, which was stored in the fridge, so the temperature was on the cooler side. Leaving it at room temperature allowed it to warm up a bit before eating.

I probably should have started with the dill only offering because I found the mustard to be the only thing that I could taste. The fish itself was definitely well marinated and I couldn't really taste the fish itself. Its texture was that of fish found in sushi, which is my way of saying that it was similar to uncooked fish. Sardines and canned fish usually break apart when handled with a fork or spoon. This herring felt very compacted and stuck together quite well even when broken apart with a fork. Uncooked sushi meat usually feels like that.

SILL SENAP in a bowl
Popping some into a microwave made a huge difference. The fish flavor and texture came out front and the mustard sauce blended into the background. It reminded me of canned tuna or salmon. I enjoyed it much more warm. However, the meat fell apart and turned into a slurry after about 20 seconds in the microwave. That was kind of weird.

I wasn't able to find anything on the jar about it being precooked nor did I find anything about it requiring cooking. Fish in a refrigerated glass jar just said "precooked" to me. There was no major bathroom event hours after eating the herring sandwiches. Either I was right or very lucky.

Yay or Nay
Yay for at least a one time taste, especially for the low price of about US$ 3. I would not go back for more. It's not that it's bad, I just don't think it's special enough to carry back from Ikea. The "tamer" dill, and onions and carrots offerings would probably be a better place to start from. Maybe I'll check those out.

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  1. It's actually not precooked, it's raw and pickled.. No need to cook it however, it's usually eaten right out of the jar! You can put it on ryebread or crackers/knäckebröd.