Monday, April 07, 2014

Ikea BROD MJUKKAKA soft bread Review

More bread. I really like it this time though.

Ikea BROD MJUKKAKA soft wheat bread, frozen:  US$ 1.99 (CAD$ 1.99)
BROD MJUKKAKA in the bag
Got this from the refrigerated section. It came in a standard plastic bag commonly found with regular bread with short shelf lives. The translation from Google, without accents, read "Brod soft cake". When I first ran it through the translator, it was detected as Croatian.

For about $2, I got 200g of bread or five slices at 120 calories a pop according to the labeling. The bread looked very square, about a centimeter thick, and had holes throughout its surface. Dates noting the day of production and expiry were also found on the front of the bag. My bag had an expiry date exactly one year after the production date.

Taste and Texture
Tasted like pretty good flatbread. It reminded taste-wise of Greek style flatbread or Indian naan bread. I took it out of the fridge, threw it in the microwave for 15 seconds, and put some mustard marinated herring into it. The herring was okay, but the bread was amazing. Being just bread, it was pretty bland, but the soft and chewy texture combined with the taste made it very appealing. I had a few bites without anything on or between it and loved it.


Naan bread is usually excellent on its own after a short session in the toaster. This BROD MJUKKAKA was indeed just as good without any topping after a short stint in the toaster. At $2 for 200g and only available at Ikea though, I'll probably stick to naan at the supermarket to feed my addiction.

Yay or Nay
Definite yay. Loved it and $2 was a reasonable price. Closest alternatives that wouldn't require a trip to Ikea are likely Indian naan bread or Greek flatbread.

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