Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ikea SKORPOR FULLKORN rolls Review

Buffets love me. I'm the guy who loads up on "grains" like mashed potatoes, fries, and bread. You can probably close the more expensive sushi bar and grill area if I were the only patron.


Ikea SKORPOR FULLKORN wholemeal crisprolls:  US$ 2.99 (CAD$ 2.49)
It's bread from Ikea. I found it on an unrefrigerated shelf. Coupled with the long shelf life -- I bought the pack in mid-March, the best before was labeled mid-October of the same year -- it's not hard to guess some of the features of this bread. The packaging felt like waxed-ish paper like the type popcorn is served in at movie theaters. One package for CAD$ 2.49 got me 200g of product, which seemed like about a dozen or two halved rolls.

Running the name through Google Translator got me "RUSKS WHOLEMEAL" without accents. The product page described them as "wholemeal crisprolls". Calorie count on the bag said 140 for three pieces.

SKORPOR FULLKORN from the side
Taste and Texture
Very dry and brittle bread. Pretty much expected it due to the shelf life and lack of refrigeration. They really reminded me of KNACKEBROD FLERKORN due to the aforementioned features and the taste. When hungry, I had a few with nothing at all on them and found them to acceptable but bland. I definitely liked them more with at least something basic like peanut butter slathered on top. Like with KNACKEBROD FLERKORN, the closest taste I could think of was unsweetened cereal.

Why wouldn't I say they taste like bread? Because I've found "old" bread to be less brittle and have a bit more taste to them. Warming them up would probably help a lot. Have to try that in the future.


Yay or Nay
Yay. For CAD$ 2.50 bread that is supposed to last for more than half a year at a time, they are fine. Just balance your expectations for bread that lasts that long at room temperature.

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