Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ikea KEX Biscuits Review

Crackers. Yum. For kids? Why not. And yes, I tried to spell some more colorful words but gave up after a while.

KEX in a box - front
Ikea KEX biscuits:  US$ 2.29 (CAD$ 1.99)

KEX in a box - side
"Kex" gave me "biscuit" with Google Translator minus accents. The box I got was labeled with a weight of 175g. Calories on the box were 120 per 28g. No idea how many crackers that is. Since all of the crackers are different shapes and sizes, the mass is probably better than "per cracker". No other ingredients or nutrition details got my attention.

KEX in a bag
Taste and Texture
Animal crackers. The second I put one in my mouth, I was reminded of the taste and texture of animal crackers. According to the website, KEX biscuits are targeted at kids, so that makes sense. I'm happy to report that someone at least a decade removed from being classified as a "kid" enjoys these things very much.

What does an animal cracker taste like? I'd describe it as sweet crackers. Not overly sweet, just enough to taste the sweetness. They, the KEX, were not too hard or soft, melted in my mouth after light chewing. Pretty good.

KEX in a bowl
Yay or Nay
Yay. Nothing special, just some tasty crackers or biscuits. The letters make for a little bit of fun. They were pretty cheap for about CAD$ 2, and the box contained about the "standard" serving size I've gotten used to finding in non-bulk sized cracker boxes.

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