Monday, December 16, 2013

Whitmor Extendable Garment Rack Review

Truth is that if I bothered to clean out my wardrobe, I'd have enough to space stash away all of my clothes -- the stuff that I actually wear and have worn in the past year, at least.

I have an attachment to old clothes that I don't wear? Some I haven't worn in years? Some I wore once and threw into my closet? Some stuff I've never worn?

Probably. Regardless, I wanted a cheap but functional clothes rack and got one.

Whitmor 6021-4298 Ebony Chrome Collection Extendable Garment Rack
My options should have been pretty wide open. The only constraints I had when picking out a new rack was that it had to be simple and relatively cheap (<$50). Obviously, I went to the Ikea website first. There were a few options (e.g. MULIG or RIGGA) that I would have been content with, but I didn't know if their shipments required a signature, and Ikea usually charged a shipping fee -- no way I was going to a depot to pick-up furniture and haul it across town.

That left me with Amazon, which drops everything off on the porch. I just looked for something cheap that had positive customer reviews. Bingo. The Whitmor 6021-4298 garment rack looked more than adequate.

The package was dropped off on my porch after 7 pm -- a first. It set me back about CAD$ 25 and goes for $20.97 at the time of writing on I didn't realize until I checked the delivery status before going to bed. Anyways, the item was shipped within another similarly sized cardboard box. I thought they would just slap a sticker on the item's box for some reason.

All the parts came wrapped in plastic and the instructions consisted of a single 8.5" x 11" page. No tools were included.

Whitmor Garment Rack unboxed
Putting this thing together was actually a treat. The product literature said that it would take something like 30 minutes or less and they were right. I probably clocked in just around 30 minutes with clean-up time included.

Here is a time-lapse video of the rack being assembled.

I took everything out of the box, laid the parts out to somewhat match the inventory list on the instructions. Following the instructions, I started from the bottom and moved up. Everything snapped into place, first with the base and castors, then the vertical supports, and finally the hanger itself. I put everything together with the rack laid on its side except for the base with castors.

The only issue I had was with the extension arms. They didn't go in smoothly due to the locking mechanism being engaged. It wasn't until I was finished that I remembered that the joints at the top had a snap open/close mechanism. Turns out that it was to lock the extension arm in place. And while we're on the topic of missing things: I noticed after I finished was that the bags were labeled with the part code (e.g. "A", "B", etc.) -- I chose to match up the parts with the drawings. Woops.

According to the Amazon product page, the rack is 18.2" x 32" x 66" and has a shipping weight of 5.4 lb -- that's about right. The length of the rack is around 32" when collapsed. Pulling the arms out adds about a dozen inches (off the top of my head, mental measurement).

Whitmor Garment Rack assembled

The rack has castors, but it was light enough for me to just pick up and move around with ease. Only thing I had to worry about was hitting the doorway or ceiling. It does roll pretty well on both hardwood floor and carpet though.

I managed to fit a mix of 18 sweaters, shirts, and coats on my rack with a little space to spare. And this was without having to extend the additional arms. Included in that list complement was a winter jacket, two light windbreakers, a trench coat, and four fall/winter-weight sweaters.

This item actually stashes into a corner beside my bed pretty well. I was actually pretty surprised at how little the relatively large item imposed on my room. It probably has something to do with the lack of walls. The rack is simply two vertical bars and a few bars on the floor plus one at the top.

The Whitmor garment rack isn't the most attractive piece of furniture. The upper bars are chrome and everything else is black steel or plastic. Ikea's designs are definitely nicer and somewhat cheaper options are available, but this one works and looks fine.

Like it a lot. The rack is light, functional, and relatively cheap at about CAD$ 25. Castors help to move it around and I have yet to encounter any major issues. It's only been in my possession for a week though, so we'll see how it goes in terms of durability.

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