Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Playing with Water with an IR Camera

Water is one of the coolest things out there -- if we didn't see it every day and we weren't so accustomed to it. Playing with water with an IR camera is an absolute right of passage to any user.
Playing with Water in a Sink
Playing with Hot/Cold Water
Simple but one of the trippiest things I can think of. The temperature range is broad, but not enough to prevent hot water from showing up at the lightest color. Anyways, nothing to it aside from the hot and cold water taps being turned on and off. There's actually a plate in the sink on the right and it is holding about an inch of water. Also, the sinks are stainless steel and reflective, which is clearly visible in the footage.

Measuring Hot Water Temp
Similar to the above video and taken at the same place around the same time... The temperature range was set to automatic to let it go as high or low to cover the temperatures encountered in the scene. A meat thermometer was used a short time after this scene and it showed a temperature of just above 55 C, probably closer to 60 C than 55 C. Unfortunately, that meat thermometer had never been calibrated or tested for accuracy. The camera itself was not setup properly to produce a very accurate temperature reading. Emissivity was set at 0.90. If the thermometer was accurate, then the camera may have lucked out and been setup close enough. Who knows...
Measuring Hot Water Temperature
Vacuum Mug & Hot Water
Insulated stainless steel mug being filled with hot water and poured out. Stainless steel means a lot of reflections in the sink and the cup.
Insulated Mug Filled with Hot Water
Washing Hands under Faucet
And finally, washing human skin, evaporation, warming, and cooling. Very trippy video with what looks like dye being poured over skin. Multiple color palettes are shown here.
Washing Hands
Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

Body Heat and an Infrared Camera
IR Vision, First Crack: Hot Cup, LCD TV, and a Laptop

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