Friday, December 20, 2013

Infrared: Toaster Oven and Stove Top

Dangerously high temperatures? Some sort of non-contact temperature measuring device? Trippy pictures? Why not?

Electric Stove Top
I use a lot of non-stick cookware, which takes a while to heat up. When I do use metal cookware on the stove without a coating, it's usually to boil water. This means that my perception of how long it takes a modern electric stove to heat up is just a tad off. Once upon a time, I regularly used a couple decade old stove that took over a minute for just the burner to heat up without a pan, which further distorts my perception. But I have tried cooking with a steel, uncoated pot before, so it isn't that dramatic. The stove should have been off for at least a few hours prior to the filming.

Electric Stove Top

Making Toast with a Toaster
More high temperature cooking. This appliance definitely doesn't heat up as quickly as the stove above, which makes sense just from the size of the plugs that go into electric outlets. Cooking was a few minutes, so the video's been sped up. Not much to see during this period aside from the body of the toaster getting hotter. The toaster is exposed metal with a somewhat reflective plastic exterior body on the sides.

The dark blue block behind the toaster is a chunk of frozen meat defrosting in a pan. Bagels come out yellow hot and take a while to cool down.
Toaster Making a Bagel
Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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