Saturday, December 28, 2013

Infrared: Vacuuming a Carpet

Dyson after a few rolls...
Vacuuming a Carpet with a Dyson
Had to vacuum, so why not film it in a different spectrum than I'm used to?

The design of the vacuum is obvious with the ball and motor inside the ball, so no sense in trying to hide the brand: it's a Dyson. Visible at the end of this footage is the exhaust port heating up the carpet. Interesting, as usual, is that the transparent dust canister -- under visible light -- appears opaque.

This was all done on a synthetic carpet with relatively short fibers, not one of those really long and thick ones that I don't think have ever personally owned before. Thinking about spilling something on the long ones scares me. Best part of the entire video was knowing that I wasn't doing that bad of a job covering every square inch of the carpet when vacuuming -- it was my regular up and down technique being used. Seeing the ball part of the Dyson in infrared was also quite interesting.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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