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(Spoilers) Sleepy Hollow: S1E5 "John Doe" Impressions

***SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers may be found in the post below about VARIOUS ITEMS. And I'm going to add in a bit of filler text here to limit how much of the main article gets shown in a preview. That should take care of most of it. Hopefully. And away we go. SPOILER WARNING. ***

Now recording "Mom." Someone's back...

A bow from the 1500s arrives in present day Sleepy Hollow and is infected with an unknown disease. It turns out to be very contagious, first spreads among emergency workers, then onto others. Abbie and Ichabod go out to investigate where the boy came from and discover that he's from a very early European settlement. There's a portal in the forest that brings the two into the settlement where everyone's infected but not sick. Turns out its a pestilence from another Horseman.

When they get back to town, Ichabod starts showing symptoms and is isolated, and Abbie figures out that it's the water in the town "healing" the residents. The Captain believes Abbie and helps her get Ichabod and the boy back to the town where they're healed. This heals everyone else and defeats the Horseman for now. Oh, and the town's actually dead.

Ichabod is reunited with his wife while on the brink of death. Turns out that she's been stuck in purgatory and held there by one demon. On the verge of explaining why she's stuck there, Ichabod's pulled back into the world of the living. Tease.

More Ichabod: he grew up rich and learned how to track while fox hunting. And surprise: we finally get to see the Headless Horseman for the first time in a while. It's really short, but we've missed you?

Still doing it: this show's still impressing me with how it's working with the apocalypse and Four Horsemen idea. This episode introduces Pestilence who is named Conquest in the show. This one is shown wearing a samurai warrior armor suit with a bow for a weapon. While watching the previews, I thought the show was just going to be a typical plague ("the" plague) from the Middle Ages that's been done before. Nope. They managed to work one of the Four Horsemen into it. The symptoms do resemble the Black Death though, if I recall correctly.

The whole Middle English thing is very interesting. To me, it sounds like German. Not knowing any Middle-English speakers, I have no way of verifying how authentic the use of the language is. Nonetheless, it adds to the atmosphere of the show and I'm impressed with these historical bits. The town from 400-ish years back also looks great -- everyone's in period costumes too. A caption says that the town is from the late 1500s, so just under a century after Columbus' landing.

Captain Irving continues to be skeptic but surprisingly helpful in this show which is interesting. In this episode, he plays both sides by telling Abbie to pull guard/traffic duty first. A bit later, he believes in her enough to help her steal two infectious people from quarantine to take to a time-locked 400 year old village. I'm used to shows having skeptical characters who don't "believe" no matter what they've seen. He kind of reminds me of Skinner from the X-Files but more believing -- may be a bit off on that.

The reunion between Ichabod and his wife is also short and sweet. Love the little cameo the demon makes in the background as he's revived in the real world. I was waiting for Katrina to confess that she's actually dead, but that conversation is cut off abruptly. Oh well, guess that will have to wait until who knows when.

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