Saturday, October 19, 2013

Moon Close-up on October 18, 2013: Penumbral eclipse?

This is hilarious: I finally got a clear view of the moon outside a window, which I've been looking to shoot using my super-zoom SX50 for a while, and there was an eclipse. Unfortunately, I didn't know about it. Nice coincidence.

Close-up of the Moon with Canon SX50 - Penumbral eclipse?

Penumbral what?
There was a lunar penumbral eclipse on October 18, 2013 visible from eastern Canada. I'm not an astronomer (or that interested in the stars), so I did some googling. Not much of it made sense to me. The only takeaway I got was that there should have been an eclipse with the peak at 7:50-ish pm EST. I shot the video around 7:40pm -- otherwise known as 10 minutes too early. The two photos below are from 7:46pm and 7:47pm.

Moon at 7:47pm on October 18, 2013
Sounds like I should have caught something, but I don't see it because I have never had a camera or telescope that zoomed in this close to the moon. I didn't notice anything from afar either. The bottom right kind of looks dark.

I give you the moon?
Regardless, I got a close-up of the moon. Thanks to Google Earth, I managed to pick off a few points of interest and highlight them in the photo below. The big scar at the bottom is apparently Tycho crater and the blob at the top right is Mare Crisium. Did I mention that I don't really know anything about astronomy?
Moon at 7:46pm on October 18, 2013

Whatever. It looks cool. I'll try to get some non-full moon shots over the next month. Should be easier to do once it's actually dark just before I leave the office. I don't feel like taking my tripod outside?

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