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(Spoilers) Hell on Wheels: S3E10 "Get Behind The Mule" Impressions

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And that's a wrap to another season of Hell on Wheels.

Second part of a two part-ish season finale. Last time, Bohannon was captured by a group from the Mormon fort -- specifically, the father of the boy that was hung in the second episode of the season for shooting the railroad's chief of police. Bohannon has a very short trial which the Swede, pretending to be the bishop he murdered, oversees. Its revealed that a daughter of the father that he had "fun" with in that second episode is now with child. Instead of being hung, Bohannon is allowed to marry the daughter and live among the Mormons. At the end of the episode, he's plowing a field with the Swede watching over him.

Meanwhile, with Bohannon presumed dead, Durant takes back control of his railroad with the rest of the railroad's executives in attendance in Cheyenne. Elam goes out to get Bohannon back, but he runs into a group of four Native American warriors, whom he defeats, and a bear. He never makes it to the fort and is alone unconscious beside the dead bear at the end. Unknown if he's dead or alive.

Elam against a bear. His gun runs out of bullets so he throws it at the bear, then he draws a knife. Somehow he manages to kill it. There's a lot of blood on him, but I didn't see any large wounds. A lot of the blood seemed like it came from the bear? That's the cliff-hanger?

Eva "feels" the spirit of Elam passing and thinks that he is dead after the bear incident. Walking through town distraught, she spots Louise Ellison in a building a gives her a "look" -- see "misunderstanding" in previous episode.

Something about Durant terminating the railroad at Cheyenne and not proceeding further west. However, the Mormons are building their own railroad, possibly with the help of Bohannon.

A little bit anti-climatic. Big shootout last episode, Bohannon's to be hung, but he gets an out through the pregnant daughter. This might explain better why the Mormon father is so out for blood: it's not just that Bohannon killed his son, he also knocked up his daughter (I thought it was one of his wives).

Not sure what's going on with Elam. Common, the actor who plays him, is on the way out or contract negotiations are up? This finale feels like it could be a series finale. There's quite a bit of closure, but just enough if another season is ordered. Even though it was a shotgun wedding, Bohannon tells his wife that he wouldn't run off on her when he gets the chance. If there's another season, that would mean a wife and child, which feels a bit weird. Curious as to how they'd proceed with this one. Come on season 4?

And that is that: a wrapped up third season of Hell on Wheels.

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