Thursday, October 03, 2013

Bag Lunch Challenge (Part 4): Can't do it?

Maybe this wasn't the best idea. I am definitely saving money according to my "forecasting" in the last post. Essentially, I gu-estimated that I'd spend about $25 per week on food as opposed to the $50 I was spending by buying lunch daily. However, the quality of food and lack of nutrition are issues that may be difficult to ignore -- latter more than the former from a health perspective.

Supply purchases since
Since my last post, I bought:

- x1 box of cheerios
- x1 box of crackers
- x1 load of bread

Total = CAD$ 9.63

Cooking ideas: anything different?
Nope. Same old boring bread + something + bread.

Other purchases since
I caved. The boringness of eating the same thing day in and day out got to me, so I went to buy something relatively cheap two out of five days during the second week. The totals were $5.65 and $5.03 for a coffee, soup, roll, and donut. This expense was justified after I did the math and realized that even by making my own lunch, it still set me back about $5 a day. To be honest, I'd save even more money if I brought left overs. And the longer lasting supplies like cheese slices, olive oil, cereal, and peanut butter would average the cost down as the weeks go on.

Total spent after two weeks
Week 1 supplies: $36.00
Week 2 supplies: $  9.65
Week 2 cave-in:  $10.70

Total = $56.35

My estimate from the last post was $48.50 after two weeks. Obviously, I'm a bit over at $56.35.

Major observations
Money can be saved from bringing/making one's own lunch, which should be as obvious as the sky being blue. I was spending about $50 to $60 per week buying lunch and other food items (e.g. coffee, donuts) on a regular basis. After buying my own supplies, making my own lunch, and buying cheaper lunches, I managed to bring that down to about $28 per week.

That difference of $22 ($50 - $28) per week adds up to $1144 (52 weeks per year) over a year. It may even be more than that due to the aforementioned longer lasting items.

Also, just going by the fact that I caved and bought food, it seems obvious that sticking to one thing or the other isn't the best way to go about things. Mixing it up by buying lunch once or twice a week can still lead to quite a large amount of money saved over the course of a year.

Whether I stick with this lunch plan or not, I'm not entirely sure. What I do know is that I still have some supplies, so I may as well use them up before making any drastic changes. I think my future is "mixed up".

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