Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't clean your toaster: It's like a BBQ...

The end is near. Soon there will be freedom. Freedom from the suffocating smell of charred food!

He's leaving
If you've read any of my cynical posts on my cubicle neighbor, you'd know that I have a neighbor with a toaster oven. He's been stinking up the entire office for years, but no one has had the "heart" to complain (i.e. rat him out). Well, except me. Unfortunately, even I was "too nice" to actually do something about it. I agreed to let it go since the guy was leaving in a month anyways -- that was a month ago.

In a few days, he will be gone. But let's take a moment to reminisce over the loss of this great person and his toaster. Last time, I posted some crappy cellphone pictures. Here are better ones.
Crumbs on your table
It's like a BBQ
To let you know how ignorant this person is, here is one last gem. This past week, one of his neighbors came into his cubicle to bug him. He opened his toaster oven, saw the mess, made fun of him, and told him that he should clean it out.

After some laughing, the Toaster Guy retorted by asking the other guy if he had a barbeque. Why? Because according to Mr. Toaster, "It's the same thing".

Right. Because barbeques are always run indoors in poorly ventilated offices with no exhaust hoods directly overhead to suck away the noxious fumes and carbon monoxide.
It's like a barbeque

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