Sunday, August 04, 2013

Fruttare Mango Popsicles Review

Last time, I checked out the Fruttare Banana & Milk bar, which I loved. A few other flavors are available under the same brand including peach & milk, coconut & milk, strawberry, and mango. This time I'm looking at the mango.

Fruttare Mango Popsicle
This one was good, but it didn't blow me away like the banana & milk that was something I thought tasted pretty unique. A pack of six was on sale for CAD$ 3.99. The regular price at the store I got it from should be CAD$ 5.99.
Fruttare Mango Popsicle front
Taste and Texture
It tasted like mango, so that's a good start. I had one frozen bar and one slightly melted bar so far. They definitely weren't just frozen flavored water. The bars felt creamy, smooth, and somewhat chewy. A regular popsicle is usually solid ice where biting a chunk off means munching on a small piece of brittle ice that eventually melts. With this mango Fruttare popsicle, it did not feel as cold or solid even when frozen solid. There was definitely some munching, but the texture was more like eating the first few gulps from a fresh slushy/Slurpee -- not the left over ice when everything's separated and there's just bland ice left in the cup.

The popsicle was soft and had a strong fruity flavor. Having had quite a few real mangos over the past few months, I'd say that this popsicle tasted like a real mango. Overall, I'd say it was good.
Fruttare Mango Popsicle side
Nutrition wise, the website says that each 60 ml bar is 60 calories with 11g of sugar, some vitamins, and other stuff. I don't think I'd try to fulfill my daily serving of fruit with this.

Good and worth a shot. It didn't blow me away like the banana & milk version though. Nonetheless, the mango bar is good.

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