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Ikea NASSJO Candle Holder Review - larger version

Why use a foil container or an old plate when you can blow $13 on a really fancy schmancy looking candle holder?

I don't know. I just felt like getting this to use with the two dozen FENOMEN candles that I bought a while ago. The foil container I was using was pretty hideous, and I wanted something less flimsy. Every time I went to Ikea, I couldn't find anything that I really liked. The metal plates were fine except for the felt tabs on the bottom. Classic candlestick holders wouldn't fit my short and wide candles. There were some very heavy stoneware plates and even a cast iron one, but I eventually settled on an aluminum ball.

The ball is known as the NASSJO candle holder and it comes in two sizes. One should be for candle sticks and the other for block candles or tea lights. I bought the latter.
Ikea NASSJO Candle Holder
Ikea NASSJO Candle Holder (larger version) - US$ 7.99 (CAD$ 12.99, dafuq?)

The candle holder came wrapped in plastic. All I had to do was tear it off. People at the store had prickly fingers though. There were quite a few on the shelf with the plastic wrapped broken or completely removed. I don't believe they needed 5 display models.

I found the NASSJO to be light, but heavy enough to be a stable platform. Both the top and bottom had cutouts, so even though the overall shape of the candle holder is that of a ball, it seemed like it had a pretty good amount of support. However, I only tried the NASSJO with very short candles. According to the website, one side is for tea lights and the other is for block candles (maximum diameter of 2.75"). Having seen the monsters that block candles can be, tipping probably isn't impossible. Then again, most candle holders I've seen aren't exactly designed to resist all forms of tipping.

Expandability / Customizability
Buy different candles for it to hold?

Everyday Use
This is more of a "when I feel like it" item. I've tried it once with a FENOMEN candle and it fits fine with some room to spare. There is a definite difference in size between one side of the ball and the other (i.e. the holders). One just about fits a tea light sized candle and the other is sider to accommodate something bigger. I don't feel like getting a ruler out to measure how deep both sides are.

For the FENOMEN floating candle, which is about the size of a tea light, the holder works -- I guess? It stays still and looks pretty while the fire burns. When it's not burning, the highly reflective polished exterior of the NASSJO is very attractive. According to the website, it's made from aluminum. That kind of explains the weight and polish.

At $13 in Canada, the price was a bit hefty. I could have gotten a lantern with glass and steel for $10. The US$ 8 price tag seems more reasonable, but this was the only one I liked. When I was on my way to the checkout, I did consider dumping it and just running back to the kitchen area and buying a bowl for a few bucks. Oh well, it's nice and works. Whatever.

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