Saturday, July 20, 2013

J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Garrison Jacket -- It's back!

Looks like fall is coming. The leaves aren't falling and it's still over 80 F outside, but clothing stores are ever so slowly rolling out their fall fashion lines.

Case in point are jackets at J.Crew! It's not that the store doesn't carry jackets in their outerwear section year round, it's that the selection seems to get larger during jacket-required seasons (i.e. all but summer). One addition that I noticed yesterday was the Wallace & Barnes Garrison jacket. I can't say exactly how many seasons I've seen this jacket available -- I believe it is at least one, possibly two.

Being what I'd call "classic" J.Crew vintage style, the Garrison jacket is "timeless" in that it shouldn't be a one season fad item. The item comes in at US$ 288 and according to the website, it is made of cotton canvas. And if you're not aware, the Wallace & Barnes line tends to be more expensive and "aggressive" in styling. Included is a hood, a bunch of pockets, and a woodland camouflage exterior pattern. Being true to its "vintage" design though, the pattern is not modern United States military. What it reminds me of are the jackets that were worn by German Fallschirmjäger paratroopers during World War II. The J.Crew website refers to the Garrison jacket's color as "drab camo" and the product description says that it was inspired by "vintage military uniforms" and "outdoor gear".

I absolutely love the jacket and don't think the price is too exorbitant at about $300. Unfortunately, I have a rule against wearing attire with camouflage. Don't get me wrong, I love old style, solid color, military inspired clothing. But there's something about camouflage and I have to draw a line there -- even if it's "vintage". I've watched too much TV where camo patterns are associated with certain people trying to make a statement. If you don't have any hang-ups about that, it is a gorgeous looking jacket worthy of a look.

At the time of writing, only small, medium, and large sizes are available. This makes me wonder if they're clearing out last year's stock or getting more of it in shortly.

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