Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ikea BUMERANG Clothes Hanger Review

At some point in everyone's life, they decide that the floor is no longer good enough for their clothes. Wrinkles no longer become acceptable, and the desire to look like you just got out of bed and put on the first thing you could find on the floor is no longer impressive. Or, you're not over any of that and mom (or the wife) is telling you to pick up your damn clothes.

Regardless, the only other place than the floor to store clothes is a towel bar or chair where one can lay them flat. I actually went through this phase and my shirts and pants would be stacked five layers deep. It wasn't very efficient and getting to things was a bit annoying having to disturb the stack.

The majority of clothes hangers I have are cheap, thin plastic ones. Part of the reason is price, the other part is that they're thin and can usually store more items. I also have a few really thick suit jacket hangers with curved and broad shoulder supports that I use for my fancier items.

In the process of acquiring more broad, curved hangers for suits, I stumbled across the Ikea BUMERANG clothes hanger. The only suit hangers I could find then were plastic ones that could only be bought in bulk (about 40 per box) or premium cedar hangers at $15 each. BUMERANGs were less than $5 for a pack of eight, so it would have been stupid not to try.
Ikea BUMERANG Clothes Hanger
Ikea BUMERANG Clothes Hanger (8 pack) - US$ 3.99

Pre-assembled. I just had to clip the two straps attaching all eight together.

Ikea BUMERANG Holding up a Pea Coat
Expandability / Customizability
They come in black, gray/brown, white, and natural. Buy more?
Ikea BUMERANGE Plan View
Everyday Use
I bought two packs of these in "natural" on a whim years ago. There was some sort of sale or clearance going on. Chances are that I paid less than $5 for 16. When I got home and unpacked everything, I was a bit disappointed with the quality of these hangers.

What bothered me was that they were a bit rough to the touch despite being painted with a finish. The website describes the current model as being painted with a clear acrylic lacquer. Some of my clothes seemed to get caught on the hanger when I put them on the hanger or took them off -- couple hundred dollar jackets. It didn't happen with every material, the problem was mostly encountered with the liners in some of my jackets. On the shoulder support side, they seemed adequate with a support width wider than the usual plastic hangers I had in my possession. Being wider meant that they didn't pack as well into my limited "closet" space though. For these reasons, I didn't used them much and gave them to someone else to store clothes that weren't worn very often.

A few times over the past years, no hangers were available except the BUMERANGs that I put aside, so I started using them. I still have the same jackets and they have already paid for themselves, so even if they got caught on the hanger, meh. They work, my clothes haven't been damaged yet. Packing is still an issue, but that may actually be a good thing in that my clothes aren't packed as tight as a crepe.

I'm not in the market for any more hangers because I've sort of given up on buying clothes I don't really wear. However, if I did, I'd give the BUMERANGs another shot and maybe try the black or white versions out. Maybe the paint would minimize the "sticking" of the more naked wood in the natural color.

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