Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ikea MAGASIN Rolling Pin Review

We had never owned a proper rolling pin before. It wasn't a matter of not needing it because we do roll dough every once in a blue moon. And we do need to crash crackers for deep frying very often. I guess the idea of owning once never came up in a household where the only wet and dry measure devices used are tablespoons and teaspoons.

Lately, I have been on the lookout for one, but the usual stores I frequented, including Ikea, didn't have any in stock. That finally changed on my most recent trip to Ikea and I found rolling pins available on the bottom shelf of a rack -- hope I didn't just miss it in the past.

Okay, be warned that this review's a bit contrived. I'm not that big a cook and we only use this for crushing crackers for breading things going into the fryer.

Ikea MAGASIN Rolling Pin
Ikea MAGASIN - US$ 6.99 (CAD$ 6.99)

I just had to peel off the plastic.

Feels solidly built.

Expandability / Customizability

Ikea MAGASIN Close-up
Everyday Use
I've used it once so far to, wait for it, crush some crackers. Honestly, a broken bottle can crush crackers. We've actually been using a glass sauce bottle as a rolling pin for this purpose over the last two decades -- huh? That thing actually worked. I mean, it would leak some sauce out every so often, but it worked. The MAGASIN rolling pin definitely makes crushing crackers easier. This is not really helpful. Wax paper is used on both the top and bottom when we do crackers, so I can't say how much anything sticks to it.

Okay, according to the Ikea website, the MAGASIN is made of solid birch with a galvanized steel rod inside. There's also some polypropylene in the handle, which I'm guessing is referring to the washer between the handle and the main barrel that you can see ever so slightly in the close-up. My guess is that it's for smoothness by reducing friction. I didn't think it felt very heavy and I had no issue carrying the thing in the store or home for an hour -- the website seems to agree by noting that it weighs about 1 lb.

There are heavier steel and marble rollers out there that are supposedly much heavier. From what I've heard, the idea is for the roller to do more of the work. At just 1 lb, this Ikea rolling pin might require a bit more effort. However, it should be easier to move around when not doing any work.

For $6.99, it was worth a shot and the rolling pin works fine for our limited purposes.

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