Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ikea CHOSIGT Ice-cream Scoop Review

Ice cream isn't that big a thing for me. I mean, I like it, but I usually prefer a bag of chips bathed in body wrecking amounts of salt. Still, I don't mind some ice cream during the warmer months of the year. This lack of absolutely true love for ice cream, though, has meant a limited collection of dedicated ice cream scooping utensils.

We have had and do have ice cream scoops, but they have always been plastic for some reason. They don't work that well or I don't like using them at least. The primary ice cream scooping utensil is one of a number of tablespoons in the kitchen drawer -- I've probably wrecked a few teaspoons in the past.

In case you're not aware, spoons suck at scooping ice cream out of containers if the dessert is too cold. The fridge did the ice age freeze down a few weeks ago during really hot weather and turned a bucket of ice cream solid. It probably took a good five minutes to get a regular scoop or two out. For this reason, we've turned the freezer up and the ice cream was soft was margarine yesterday.

I've been looking for a stainless steel scoop for a while now. The last time I actually tried to look at one was a trip to Canadian Tire during the winter. They had about five different scoops for sale and none of them really wowed me. Honestly, it was winter and I didn't feel like buying a scoop I wouldn't use for another few months. One very recent trip to Ikea a few days ago, I saw a CAD$ 3 scoop for sale and said, "what the hell". They also had a CAD$ 5 scoop, the STROSSEL, with a non-stick coating. Chances are that it works better -- I just don't like the idea of the non-stock coating.

Ikea CHOSIGT Ice Cream Scoop Front
Ikea CHOSIGT - US$ 1.79 (CAD$ 3.00)

Time for a return trip if it needs assembly.

Feels solid.

Expandability / Customizability
Use it in different ice creams and the scoop changes color.
Ikea CHOSIGT Ice Cream Scoop Back
Everyday Use
This is a really new purchase for me, however I've used it once and handled it thoroughly a few times. The scoop has a good weight, handles well, and feels good in my hand. According to the website, the scoop is stainless steel with an ABS plastic handle, which is securely attached on mine. I've only used it in really soft ice cream, so can't tell you how well it will work for mining operations. For that, it worked very well and the ice cream didn't freeze to the stainless steel. Everything came off with no effort.

With the narrowest point on the scoop being two to three times the thickness of any spoon that I have, it should hold up much better for ice cream that's frozen solid. The STROSSEL's scoop is even thicker though, so it'd probably do a better job for ice cream that's frozen solid -- this one is aluminum, apparently (website).

Having a stainless steel scoop should also make cleaning easier without the need to worry about accidentally scratching any sort of coating. Warm water has worked fine for me as it's just used for frozen sugar water.

Overall, it's a good scoop for dirt cheap at US$ 1.79 or CAD$ 3.00. Should be cheap enough to at least give it a shot.

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