Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ikea has their own Sewing Machine? The SY.

Stop the presses: Ikea has their own sewing machine.

Maybe this is old news, but I just noticed it after doing some browsing. I usually walk past the fabrics section very quickly in the marketplace area. And if you're wondering, yes, I do have a sewing machine, and yes, I can kind of sew. It was a requirement to take a cooking and sewing course back in grade 7 or 8. To be honest, I had a lot of fun. We also did shop that year with half the school year divided between shop and the sewing/cooking class. Damn, that band-saw was fun to use. What? It's useful for hemming pants and other basic stuff. On a scale of 1-10, the skill level at which I'd put myself is probably around a 2 -- extra point for knowing how to read instructions on how to thread the machine.
Ikea SY Sewing Machine
My current machine was bought from Walmart about a year ago. It's a Singer and one of the cheaper models that they had. Mr. Google and my experience suggested that it was Singer, Brother, or nothing. I'm not sure where Ikea fits in there.

Last I checked, the Ikea SY sewing machine costs $69.99 in both Canada and the United States. This would be cheaper than what I got my basic Singer model for. From looking at the manual, the typical basic features like mechanisms for winding a bobbin and tension adjustment appear to be there. I also noticed a hand wheel, stitch pattern setting, and talk of a built-in lamp. Pictures on the website show that it has a blue and yellow, Ikea theme, color scheme. 

Looks awesome, I'd love to try it out or give it to someone who finds my machine too difficult to use -- the SY only has a 9-ish page manual with virtually no text. The only issue is that the website says that the package comes in at 13 lb. Let me tell you how trying to carrying the Singer home from Walmart went without a car: three blocks. I made it three blocks before the plastic bag broke, I said "screw it", and got a taxi. Neither the Ikea.com nor .ca websites appear to ship this item.

Ikea SY Sewing Kit & Thread
Oh, and they appear to have a 15-piece sewing kit for sale too. It's US$ 16.99 and includes scissors, a seam ripper, chalk, needles, et al. Great, they also have four rolls of polyester thread for US$ 1.99 (CAD$ 2.99) -- cheaper than even Walmart and way cheaper than the $2.99 per roll at Sears I paid before.

Edit: Werd. It has been out since June-ish 2012, at least.