Tuesday, April 23, 2013

IKEA Wishlist: FJELL Wardrobe = Awesome

There's just something about untreated wood. I was surfing the Ikea presentation floor and came across this bad boy a few months ago. If I had space to actually put it in my place, I'd have blown the $449 and shipping fee a while ago. To be clear: I don't have it, but I want it (plus the space to put it).

This wardrobe comes in at just over 2 m tall, 1 m wide, and 0.5 m deep (website). It's solid wood, which gives it a rustic look, and the metal latches supporting the doors add to that theme. The interior can handle two rows of clothes plus some organizers according to the product description -- I didn't make too many notes about the interior while I was looking at it in person.

Unfortunately (?), the FJELL is also $449 and the package weighs about 150 lb (website). This might ruin your plans to hump it home on your own and save on the shipping fee, even if you were able to fit it inside your ride. For the most part, it looks well constructed, but the instructions show that it still uses a fiberboard backing. These backings are pretty standard when it comes to most Ikea items. I don't know, I just expected a solid back for the price. On the other hand, it'd probably be an extra $100 and 50 lb. That and you'd need an extra person or two to help put the thing together.

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