Tuesday, April 23, 2013

IKEA JANJSO: LED lamp now in USB form. Whaaaaa?

This is a definite surprise and sorta weird. Ikea has now released a JANJSO LED work lamp with a USB connector. If you aren't aware, the regular JANJSO is a regular wall outlet, plug-in work lamp.

Nowhere on the website can I find what the wattage for the JANJSO USB version. However, the regular plug-in version consumes 3.0 W -- whatever that means. I actually have a regular table version from when they first came out a few years ago and let me tell you, it is bright, but the reflector doesn't do it any favours in spreading the light out. Well, that is unless you place the lamp really far away, but then without the shield, you get blinded by the lamp itself pretty easily.

Considering that USB ports don't usually provide that much power, it may not be as bright. It might be close because regular USB ports from computers put out 500 mA at 5 V in DC, so 0.5 A by 5 V = 2.5 W? To charge an iPad you usually want a 1.5 A and a GPS unit or certain phones take 1 A? I'm not an electrical anything, so don't quote me on any of that.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised, really. Just check out their outdoor decorative lighting section. Solar and combo solar/wind powered things everywhere!


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