Monday, April 15, 2013

Grammar: what a bunch of loosers: "loose" or "lose"

More boredom so more grammary stuff. If you want to call me a loser, be sure to not call me a looser or you will look like a loser.


The opposite of tight.

"Your shoelaces get looser as you untie them."

"Your whitey-tighty's waistband gets looser as you get fat."
"When you start loosening your standards, you lower your expectations."
"A loose belt makes it easier to cram more food in at the buffet."


To misplace or get rid of something, to not win, to not obtain something..

"I am a loser because I fail at life."

"I lose my keys all the time and I feel like such a loser for doing so."
"Most of my friends are losers, I just hang out with them to make myself feel better."
"Losing a game makes me feel good at night."


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Then or than, your or you're...OMFG! Grammar! 
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